THE ETHER ON (zero-point energy) point of view.

The notion of a plenum embedded in the fabric of empty space is not new to science.During the 18th and 19th centuries, the ETHER was considered the all-pervading medium which would sustain light waves. At the turn of the century, Michelson and Morley attempted to detect the ether wind. Such a wind would be present if the earth were moving relative to a static, material ether. When Michelson and Morley failed to detect such a wind, Einstein used this result to verify his first postulate of relativity known as Lorentz invariance. This states that all observers moving at a constant velocity will experience the same laws of phisics. Failure to detect the ether wind resulted in the general belief that no ether exists. Note the Michelson and Morley experiment only rules out a static ether; it is perfectly viable to have a Lorentz invariant etherr.
Nikola Tesla inventor of the alternating current generator, designed his devices based on  a belief in an ether, and he argued quite vocally with the scientific community on this matter. When relativity theory became popular, Tesla’s later designs were discredited.  The scientific  community and Tesla could have resolved their differences simply by considering a Lorentz invariant ether model. Then they both would have been right.

2012 astronomy and its unexplained phenomena

What happens then 2012? As is already known from the science of astronomy, a forthcoming companion planets to Earth for us: Hermes, Aphrodite, ARIS, DIAS, KRONOS, SUN, moon, the specific date. (21/12/2012) therefore talk about fact. But human noes have imagined the impact this session? Are still too small to understand the mysteries of the universe. What will happen then we mention the Olympian in their message. ( / 22/12/2012) «YOU WHEN THE SOLAR SYSTEM aligned with the center of the galaxy will prevail FULL UP AND darkness to balance LIGHTING CONDITIONS. The sun would never rises and sets. Earth WILL experiencing hell The SKY CONDITIONS WILL be full of stars will fall but will not be highlighted. ALL living organisms upon expiry PERIOD OF DARKNESS TO LIGHT to bathe. Humans and animals would become FOTEINES ENERGY SOURCES AND THIS ILLUMINATING THE LIGHT TO BE EMITTED. TO THE BOARD WILL be transparent. KATO FROM CONTINUOUS bombing abyss OF LIGHT WILL change LIVE THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE OF HUMAN BODIES AND A OPOIOS will be able to monitor OF CHANGES IN THE ORGANIZATION. HUMAN BODY TO BE diluted AERIODOUS NOTE FROM THE SITUATION WITH NOTHING to lose by human factors. BE ONE WITH TRANSPARENT ENERGY Figure APISTEFTES OPTIONS. OSI IN UNDERGROUND FACILITIES WILL REMAIN IN THE PHYSICAL STATE AGENCIES many human YPERFORTISIS Will PHENOMENA AND ENTITIES become AITHERIKES The Hologram ENERGY ACCORDING TO THE LIFE OR DO. Will be exacerbated human sences ALL, ESPECIALLY THE SIGHT AND HEARING. VISION will be no problems because intensive DURATION AND FULL OF LIGHT ON SOME DAYS. ACCORDING TO THE ENERGY LIGHTING CONDITIONS occurs unprecedented EVENTS AND uncaught BY HUMAN NOES. THE COMMUNICATION TO THE BALANCE OF LIGHTING CONDITIONS WILL necrosis. THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS WILL Earth Zero PROVISIONAL AND WILL AFFECT THE HORO and time and fluidity of time events. Everything aside Everything in year 2012. YOU can not understand the definition of dimensionless space that will exist. Create the impression that live in ACHRONO WORLD. WOULD you live in POUTHENA everything instantaneously MADE AND abnormally until balance FIELD. THE sky will cloud up PARAXENA WITH LIGHT PARAXENA chromium, which will resemble POLYCHROMES FLOGES FIRE. THE PERIOD OF THIS GAIA, people will have DIRECT CONTACT WITH YPERVATIKES ENTITIES AND FOURTH DIMENSION PEMPTIS. THE DIASTRIKA PLANITES TRAVEL IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM YOU WILL BE SUBJECT EPITHYMIAS HUMAN. The MAN will discover cosmic OF BRIDGES USING THE ENTITIES WHEN sky visiting GAIA. The THOUGHT PRODUCTION Invisible ligh, unknown in Earth TECHNOLOGY AND THIS IS WHO Formats and carrying SKEPSEOS OF THE IMAGES, AND OTHER PEOPLE himself when he discovered the existence and USE THEM. «STILL BE GIVEN TO THE POSSIBILITY OF ANTHROPOUS GAIAS to front for the first time in the sky PLITHOS BOAT around the world YOU because YOUR SIGHT INCOMPLETE AS THE STARS I take».


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